Principles behind the Alive Manifesto

I follow these principles:
My highest priority is to satisfy our interconnected needs
through early and continuous delivery
of empathetic attention.

I welcome dynamism, even after forming strong
expectations. True needs fulfillment harness satisfaction for
me, the community and the planet.

I interact with myself & my environment frequently, from a
couple of minutes to a couple of hours, with a
preference to the shorter timescale.

Me and my interconnected needs must be in
touch frequently throughout my life project.

I build Goals around the awareness of our interconnected needs
I give them the environment and support they need,
and trust them to guide me toward individual, local  and global contribution to sustainability.

The most efficient and effective method of
conveying information incl. emotions is based on an authentic self and an empathic communication.

My well-being is my primary measure of progress, after uncovering & healing my hidden wounds
Because the healing process increase my empathy for all living-being

Truthful togetherness promotes sustainable development.
When interacting with living-beings 
I aim to maintain the dynamic of such relationships indefinitely.

Continuous attention to the natural excellence of myself and the surrounding living-beings
as well as good interconnections enhances my life.

Simplicity--the art of maximizing the amount
of universal well-being--is for me essential.

I feel most in harmonious systems and I am happy 
when genuine loving relationships occur.

At regular intervals, individuals I want to reflect on how
to become more effective in reaching the well-being of myself, my peers and the planet
I then tune and adjust my behavior accordingly.