Facilitating Transformation.

I help your team face the new world's challenges:


We are now facing planetary challenges that put the focus on our interconnected realities. We now recognise how local actions have global impacts.

Sustainable ecology needs Agility. Much more than using a method or framework, Agility is a required mindset to live in a changing environment that is interacting with us.

As a certified Design Thinker, Dragon Dreaming Trainer & Agile Coach I will facilitate the development of sustainable solutions for you, your team and our environment.




Technology can be overwhelming, difficult to daunt and become a pitfall for individuals and organisations. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality could actually simplify your life.

As a certified Scrum Master, Product Owner and Digital Transformation Manager, I facilitate the implementation of Digital Projects, so that technology is concretely serving you.


When the conflicts resulting from diverse perspectives is used as a creative motor, you know that the experience was constructive. This is my observation in schools, manufacturing industries or service companies.


With Transcultural trainings, I support your team prevent or process unoutspoken conflicts that are also based on the way people have been socialised. Jointly we transform inter-personal frictions and potential escalations in productive energies.

I apply intersectional pedagogy or ATCC (only in German) as possible frameworks to empower cross-functional teams or learners. Together we tap  into unused innovative resources of your organisation.


Transformation Consultancy

Holistic Facilitation

  • Design Thinking
  • Dragon Dreaming

Digital  Coaching

  • Agile Projects
  • Distributed Teams

Transcultural Trainings

  • Synergist Leadership
  • Conflict Processing


I grew up in an international context next to global decision centres: in France and 5 kilometres from Geneva. Because I went to international schools, meeting people from all over the world on a daily basis, was for me the norm.

As both my parents are People from African Descent (PAD) coming from different french island and territory, I experienced how the connection of 2 cultures may give birth to a third one on a micro level. I saw it happening when people agreed to solve their conflicts in a transcultural way. With both parents fervent christians but with diverging perspectives on what is the right way, I developed very early on "ambiguity-tolerance": The capacity to accept mentally, that 2 paradoxical views can be simultaneously "right".

These early experiences and knowledge guided me to grow and understand how Power can express itself. With a joint master's degree of economics with 1 specialisation in finance in France and 1 specialisation in organisational management in Germany, I have been able to learn the mechanism of influence and leadership from French and German academical perspectives.

Thereafter, thanks to further IT qualifications I developed radical logical and critical skills. I then decided to put in practice the learnt theories. Spending 15 Years in Business Analysis, IT-Project Management, Department Management and Consultancy set a solid experimental basis, having the hard factors dominating my field of concerns.

From 2011 I progressively introduced soft factors in my purview and started to make sense of my early experiences. Social-psychology, psychology as well as philosophy became my focus while having to train consultants who were coming from, inter alia, Russia, France, Israel or South Africa. Past social sciences courses revealed very helpful in that period of my life. I could experiment with many methods or models like the Non-Violent Communication or the Transaction Analysis.

From 2016, despite a rich experience with hard and soft-factors, I wanted to bring more meaning, and started to explore the complex structures of cultures overarching and putting in frames what I had learnt and experienced during my life. I had organically developed a transdisciplinary world view as being exposed to different disciplines that are very often disconnected from one another. The word "System" started to make sense to me in an unsuspected depth.

I now enjoy to fuse in offers, the acquired knowledge and experiences. Ecology, digitalisation, change  & project management (incl. team building), diversity optimisation, conflict management especially where systemic discriminatory processes are involved, are the fields where I can identify myself fully with. As an individual I speak from the perspective of a PAD, a black person that identifies with a comprehension of reality as observable from different perspectives, where there is no up and down but simply things in connection with one another but considered from different point of views. As analogy is the comprehension, that there is no upper and under in space.  

To come up to innovative solutions, transcending and questioning the set frames is a way that I often find beneficial for the individuals, the groups and our planet.

Ka Kem
Ka KemTransformation Consultant